Day 79 

Procrastination: too much or not enough?

So, this is my first blog post in seventy six days, why you ask? Procrastination. I originally intended to have a few days of a gap and then write about it, alas, it didn’t seem quite enough because a more extreme version would be more of an interesting topic. Admittedly, after the first thirty days or so, I completely forgot. I was given the ol’ reminder every now and again but procrastination had it’s hold and made me swear I’d get around to it – well now I have. 

The question is: is procrastination a bad thing? I mean, there’s plenty of historical situations that could’ve been less horrific or avoided entirely if only people procrastinated more, but we would also get a lot less done if it was too rampant, and things would suffer. So is there a correct amount of procrastination? Is there a cut-off point for too much or not enough? I’ll let you think about it, and I’ll come back to this later…


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