Day 2

Today I’m going to touch on something more serious – the bigotry surrounding the first openly homosexual character in the soon-to-be-released remake of ‘The Beauty and the Beast’. Really it’s a shock that Disney haven’t already had an openly gay character but, better late than never I guess. 

I came across a news story from Alabama where a cinema/movie theatre has refused to play the movie upon it’s release, the owner gave “reason” by saying: “if I can’t sit and watch a movie with God or Jesus beside me then I have no interest in showing it”. This is beyond ridiculous, so what if there’s a homosexual character in it? Don’t you think if God and Jesus were real that they’d have much more important things to do than sit and watch a Disney film with a redneck? How can showing children and even adults that it’s normal for some people to be attracted to the same sex be a bad thing? It’s obviously going to have more positive connotations because it allows a sense of normalcy and belonging that is greatly needed. Also, it’s kinda strange that a gay character would be a problem when a woman falls in love with a creature that resembles a buffalo. 

There’s so many countries/states/cities etc., that are still extremely prejudiced against homosexuality and it is ludicrous. In some countries you can still be killed because the way you were born doesn’t fit in with their stone-age backwater religious “beliefs” (if you can call them that, they seem more like strict rules/laws to me). Even in America there are still twenty two states that can legally fire someone because they’re too effeminate, despite gay marriage being legal. 

I think this should go without saying but I’ll say it anyway – we should not respect the views of anyone or anything that are willing to judge someone, even destroy or end their life, based on the fact that their brain works slightly differently to the majority. Stop apologising for religious bullying and start denying them, if a religion has some followers that are perfectly happy to stick by their guns and promote their obsolete ideals, the secular folk have the right, nay, the obligation, to dismiss their homophobic beliefs and the scriptures from whence these bigoted thoughts began. 

In the words of Todd Stiefel: “I think people need to understand this very specific point. Ideas are not sacred. They don’t need to be respected. People need to be respected. So we do criticise ideas and institutions… including religious institutions”. 

Remember that thought for the next time you witness bigotry based in religious idiocy, and let them know that it is not/has not/never will be acceptable, and hiding behind their “holier than thou” facade will not protect them from scrutiny. Screw religion, respect each other. 

Thank you very much for reading, have a wonderful day/night! (Depending on your geographical location of course).